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Acceleration of metabolism

Rating 5.0 / 5 Effectiveness Price / quality Side effects. As a urologist-andrologist, I will say that this drug is the best among IFDE-5. Minimum side effects, maximum action. Cialis is the original drug of Tadalafil. If prescribed correctly, the effect will not be long in coming. It should be borne in mind that there are many reasons for impotence, and IFDE-5 is not suitable for everyone. It is necessary to appoint exclusively according to indications. Rating 4.6 / 5 Effectiveness Price / quality Side effects.

  • Rating 4.3 / 5 Effectiveness Price / quality Side effects
  • A worthy drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction of vascular origin
  • Acts quickly, the effect lasts for a long time
  • Small chance of side effects.

The drug should be prescribed after diagnosis by a sexologist and urologist. It is not recommended to use Cialis on your own without evidence. With erectile dysfunction of psychogenic genesis, especially in young men, psychotherapeutic techniques are effective, and taking drugs of this class, as a rule, does not give the desired result.

The only drug from the IFDE5 group with a prolonged priligy effect! Dosage 5 mg. allows you to prescribe a drug for daily use and enables the patient to have a spontaneous sex life!

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